Statistics and Standings

There is an old saying that "numbers don’t lie".  I don’t know if I entirely agree with that statement, but the numbers certainly do tell one side of the story. 

As a member of SABR (Society for American Baseball Research), I have always been interested in sports statistics and what they can tell us about a player or a team.  The numbers can give us insight as to the style of a particular player, or how a team compared to the other teams in the league during a given season.  When I want to take an in depth look at a player, I always start with the stats.

Below you will find links to every season of professional or junior hockey in Seattle.  Each season has its own page, where you will find the league standings for the season, playoff results, individual player stats, uniform numbers, draft picks, and a listing of award winners and all-stars.  There are three primary sources for this information:  league guides, Total Hockey (2nd edition), and Ralph Slate’s Internet Hockey Database.  From time to time these sources will have different stats for a particular player or team.  In these situations I use the stats shown in the league guides if available; if I don’t have a league guide, then I use the total hockey Total Hockey numbers.  That’s not to downplay the value of the Internet Hockey Database – it is by far the best source available for non-NHLers.  However, league guides represent "official" league statistics, and Total Hockey is the official encyclopedia of the NHL.

Some seasons are incomplete, especially in the areas of uniform numbers and playoff statistics.  If anyone has updated information or corrections, please email me.  I am only interested in information which can be verified by guides, programs or newspaper articles. 

You will note that some players do are listed as playing with a team, but have no stats for a particular season.  This is due to one of two reasons – either I don’t have the stats for them, or the player was traded during the season and the "official" stats do not differentiate between the two teams.  All of the stats that are listed are for the player’s games in Seattle only, to the best of my knowledge.


Seattle Metropolitans

1915-16 1918-19 1921-22
1916-17 1919-20 1922-23
1917-18 1920-21 1923-24


The Early Years

1928-29 1934-35 1938-39
1929-30 1935-36 1939-40
1930-31 1936-37 1940-41
1933-34 1937-38


Seattle Ironmen

1944-45 1947-48 1950-51
1945-46 1948-49 1951-52
1946-47 1949-50


Seattle Bombers/Americans

1952-53 1955-56 1957-58
1953-54 1956-57


Seattle Totems

1958-59 1964-65 1970-71
1959-60 1965-66 1971-72
1960-61 1966-67 1972-73
1961-62 1967-68 1973-74
1962-63 1968-69 1974-75
1963-64 1969-70


Seattle Breakers

1977-78 1980-81 1983-84
1978-79 1981-82 1984-85
1979-80 1982-83


Seattle Thunderbirds

1985-86 1992-93 1999-00
1986-87 1993-94 2000-01
1987-88 1994-95 2001-02
1988-89 1995-96 2002-03
1989-90 1996-97 2003-04
1990-91 1997-98 2004-05
1991-92 1998-99 2005-06


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