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Photos are probably my favorite items to collect. They capture a moment in time, and can provide a sense for how things looked and even how the game was played in the past. While action shots and individual player photos are great, team photos provide an added benefit for the researcher – not only can they provide info about uniform numbers, but they also sometimes provide the only photo of a fringe player in the teams uniform. For example, Norm Lenardon was a late-season call-up by the Seattle Americans in 1957, appearing in the last three regular season games plus six playoff contests. He didn’t appear on an individual promotional photo – but he is on the team photo.

Below is a selection of team photos for teams ranging from the Metropolitans to the Breakers (I simply have too many TBirds team photos and posters to include them here as well, and they are more readily available).

1916-17 Seattle Metropolitans

Top: Harry Holmes, Bobby Rowe, Ed Carpenter, Jack Walker

Middle: Frank Foyston, Pete Muldoon

Bottom: Bernie Morris, Cully Wilson, Roy Rickey, Jim Riley

1929-30 Seattle Eskimos

Lloyd Turner, Bobby Benson, Max Sutherland, Ollie Reinikka, Cecil Browne, Tony Savage, Smoky Harris, Art Townsend, Dan Daly, Hal Winkler, Ernie Anderson

1934-35 Seattle Sea Hawks

Top: Riley “Moon” Mullen, Dave Gilhooly, Cameron Proudlock

Front: Frank Foyston, Hal Tabor, John Houbregs, Sammy McAdam, Les Whittles, Tony Hemmerling, Johnny Sheppard, Emmett Venne

1939-40 Seattle Sea Hawks

1940-41 Seattle Olympics

1946-47 Seattle Ironmen

Back: Frank Dotten, Don Campbell, Alf Turner, Stan Warecki, Bob Drainville, Vern Kaiser, Gordy Kerr, Al Rittinger, Tom Kingsbury

Front: Eddie Dartnell, Frank Swales, Red Tilson, Freckles Little, Bob Ballance, Paul Waldner, Bill Robinson

1947-48 Seattle Ironmen

Back: Maurice Duffy, Bill “Red” Tilson, Roy McBride, Ralph Toohy, Gordy Kerr, Cy Rouse, Paul Kinney

Front: Wyatt “Scoop” Bentley, Eddie Dartnell, Maurice Marchant, Fred Ferens, Ron Pickell, Al McFadzen, Dutch Evers, Bill Robinson, Walter Dorohoy

1948-49 Seattle Ironmen

Jerry Cotnoir, Willie Schmidt, Bob Gibson, George Hayes, Pete Taillefer, Pete Kalapaca, Paul Waldner, Joe Medynski, Al McFadzen, Rudy Filion, Gordie Kerr, Fred Valenti, Jack Tomson

In Insets: Dave Downie (upper left), George Senick (bottom right)

1950-51 Seattle Ironmen

Back: Doug Lewis, Robert Thorpe, Joe Bell, Carroll Bloom, Rudy Filion, Stan Maxwell, Danny Nixon, Wally Sefinew, Tommy Cooper, Albert Mosier

Front: Bill Boorman, Pete Taillifer, Freddy Weaver, Phil McAfee, Vernon Jones, Gordy Kerr, Al McFadzen

1956-57 Seattle Americans

Back: ???, Gordie Sinclair, Fred Creighton, Keith Allen, Bruce Lea, Eddie Dorohoy, Pete Wright, Rudy Filion, Lionel Repka, Max Szturm, Don Hamilton

Front: Alex Kuzma, Art Hart, Ray Kinasewich, Guyle Fielder, Emile Francis, Val Fonteyne, Barton Bradley, Norm Lenardon

1957-58 Seattle Americans

Back: Dick Bielous, Alex Kuzma, Adolph Kukulowicz, Blinky Boyce, Les Hunt, Bill MacFarland, Rudy Filion, Bill Davidson, Lionel Repka, Keith Allen

Front: Gordie Sinclair, Guyle Fielder, Gordon Tottle, Hank Bassen, Ray Kinasewich, Val Fonteyne, Don Chiupka

1958-59 Seattle Totems

Back: Bill Davidson, Gerry Leonard, Jerry Goyer, Rudy Filion, Bill MacFarland, Les Hunt

Middle: Dick Bielous, Dave Rimstad, Don Chiupka, Frank Arnett, Val Fontyene, Keith Allen

Front: Marc Boileau, Gordie Sinclair, Bev Bentley, Bill Tibbs, Tom McVie, Guyel Fielder

1960-61 Seattle Totems

Back: Murray Wilke, Gerry Leonard, Gordon Tansley, Bill MacFarland, Rudy Filion, Marc Boileau

Middle: Dick Bielous, Edgar Ehrenverth, Don Chiupka, Les Hunt, Tom McVie, Keith Allen

Front: Guyle Fielder, Gordie Sinclair, Bev Bentley, Frank Arnett, Ed Stankiewicz

1961-62 Seattle Totems

Back: Keith Allen, Dick Bielous Rudy Filion, Bill MacFarland, Gordon Labossiere, Gerry Leonard, Bill Schonley

Middle: Don Chiupka, Edgar Ehrenverth, Howie Hughes, Guyle Fielder, Ron Hutchinson, Barney Krake

Front: Frank Arnett, Dunc McCallum, Al Millar, Don Ward, Ivan Prediger

1962-63 Seattle Totems

Back: Gerry Lonn, Dick Bielous, Rudy Filion, Don Ward, Bill MacFarland, Keith Allen, George Konik

Middle: Barney Krake, Bob Barlow, Bob Sabourin, Jim Hay, Jim Powers, Gerry Leonard, Lou Kazowski

Front: Wayne Hall, Gordie Sinclair, Al Millar, Guyle Fielder, Don Chiupka

1962-63 Seattle Totems

Back: Dick Bielous, Rudy Filion, Bill MacFarland, Don Ward, Jim Powers, Al Millar, George Konik

Middle: Barney Krake, Gordie Sinclair, Don Chiupka, Gerry Leonard, Lou Kazowski, Jim Hay

Front: Gerry Lonn, Wayne Hall, Bob Sabourin, Guyle Fielder, Bob Barlow, Keith Allen

1965-66 Seattle Totems

Back: Dick Bielous, Gerry Leonard, Les Hunt, Bill Dineen, Larry Hale, Don Ward, Larry Lund, Earl Heiskala, Jim Powers, Bob Taylor, Gerry Lonn

Front: Ernie Wakely, Gordie Sinclair, Adam Keller, Bill MacFarland, Keith Allen, Guyle Fielder, Bobby Kromm, Ken Campbell, Don Chiz, Len Haley, Jim McLeod

1963-64 Seattle Totems

Back: Del Topoll, Jim Powers, Jim Hay, Larry Zeidel, Bill MacFarland, Don Ward, Larry Hale, Tom Burgess, Gerry Leonard, Bill Carter, Dick Bielous

Front: Gerry Lonn, Bob Barlow, Guyle Fielder, Gordie Sinclair, Claude Dufour, Bev Bell, Bob Sabourin, Jean-Marie Cossette, Keith Allen

1964-65 Seattle Totems

Back: Keith Allen, Dick Bielous, Jim Powers, Gerry Leonard, Chuck Holmes, Mo Mantha, Don Ward, Larry Hale, Larry Zeidel, Bill Dineen, Danny O’Brien, Gerry Lonn

Front: Bob Barlow, Jean-Marie Cossette, Gerry Brisson, Ray Kinasewich, Jim McLeod, Bill MacFarland, Guyle Fielder, Gordie Sinclair, Bob Sabourin

1966-67 Seattle Totems

Back: Jim Powers, Don Chiz, Jean Gauthier, Pat Quinn, Bob Lemieux, Noel Picard, Larry Lund, Chuck Holmes

Middle: Dick Bielous, Howie Hughes, Jim Paterson, Don Fedun, Les Hunt, Bill Dineen, Earl Heiskala, Bill Sheppard

Front: Jim Armstrong, Guyle Fielder, Bill MacFarland, Gerry Leonard, Murray Costello, Don Ward, Jim McLeod

1967-68 Seattle Totems

Back: Earl Heiskala, Chuck Holmes, Larry Hale, Paul Cates, Larry Lund, Gary Kilpatrick, Ray Larose, Steve Schonely

Middle: Pat Dunn, Dwight Carruthers, Don Chiz, Bill Dineen, Cleland Mortson, Marc Boileau, Bob Courcy, Ton Iannone, Bill Sheppard

Front: Jim Armstrong, Gerry Leonard, Murray Costello, Guyle Fielder, Bill MacFarland, Don Ward, Don Head

1968-69 Seattle Totems

Back: Chuck Holmes, Gary Kilpatrick, Ray Larose, Art Stratton, Don Ward, Earl Heiskala, Jim Powers

Middle: Rudy Filion, Ken Rodgers, Don Chiz, Marc Boileau, Jack Michie, John Hanna, Bill Dineen, Pat Dunn

Front: Bob Courcy, Don Head, Bill MacFarland, Guyle Fielder, Murray Costello, Jim Armstrong, Gerry Leonard

1969-70 Seattle Totems

Back: John Hanna, Ron Ingram, Art Stratton, Gerry Meehan, Ray Larose, Gary Kilpatrick, Marc Boileau

Middle: Rudy Filion, Bobby Schmautz, Jack Michie, Dwight Carruthers, Jim Armstrong, Bob Courcy, Jack Dale, Tom McVie, Pat Dunn

Front: Gerry Leonard, Don Head, Bill MacFarland, Chuck Holmes, Murray Costello, Chris Worthy, Don Ward

1977-78 Seattle Breakers

1978-79 Seattle Breakers

1983-84 Seattle Breakers

Seattle Breakers

Seattle Breakers