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I’ve spent years compiling Seattle hockey stats, looking for those elusive players who only appeared in a handful of games, identifying jersey numbers, and cleaning up historical inaccuracies. The info below represents my best attempts a definitive and accurate season-by-season account. For those of you considering purchasing Emerald Ice, that book takes this further and provides info at the individual player level – you can look up an specific player and get all his stats at once.

Sometimes there are discrepancies between league guides and local newspaper accounts. When possible I rely on official league stats; in some circumstances I had to piece together a season using the individual game summaries published in local newspapers, especially for the City League results. There are a few examples of glaring omissions, and where possible these are corrected. For example, during the 1962-63 Lorne Thornycroft was an emergency substitution in goal for the Totems for part of one game, his only appearance with the team. The league guides omit his stats, though it’s clear that he in fact played, so he is included in the 1962-63 Totems roster.