Seattle Hockey Hall of Fame

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Hockey has been played in Seattle for almost 90 years, and over that time a number of great players have worn the uniform of local teams. Many of the names and accomplishments are lost to history, but it is important to recognize the men who made the game great in Seattle. With that in mind, I established my own Seattle Hockey Hall of Fame.

In order to keep the Seattle Hockey Hall of Fame limited to the best of the best, I decided to only "induct" the top 25 players. With over 1,000 men having played at the highest level in Seattle, that means that only the best 2.5% are included. All Halls of Fame have their own selection criteria, and this one is no different. In order to be eligible, a player must have played in either two full seasons or 100 games in a Seattle uniform. I allow for either seasons or games played because length of schedules vary considerably over time, from a low of 18 games in 1915-16 to 72 games today. When examining a player’s career I looked primarily at what he accomplished in Seattle and not in other cities – these men were picked specifically due to their contributions to hockey in Seattle. Considerations included statistics, awards, longevity, team success, and championships. I selected players from every era, and ironically I ended up with a fairly well balanced roster – 14 forwards, six defensemen, and five goaltenders.

In addition to the players, I selected eight other men who made significant contributions to the success of hockey in Seattle in other roles. This includes coaches, owners, executives, and members of the press. They are included in the "Coaches and Builders" category.

I know that many of you will not agree with all of the selections – either you will feel that someone was left out or that someone undeserving is included. Some of these men are unknown to all but the most diehard fans and historians… but they were very successful in their own eras. My membership selections are certainly open for debate… though don’t expect me to change my mind!