Next to game worn jerseys, photos are my favorite type of collectible.  They not only show what the players look like, but a lot of other small details as well – uniform styles, types of sticks used, how the sticks were labeled and taped, rink styles, equipment used, and more.  They are an invaluable tool for the researcher, and frankly they’re kind of fun to look at too.

Photos are available from a variety of sources – newspapers, programs, photos taken by fans, and team issued photos just to name a few.  Of particular interest to me are team photos and 8X10 team issued player photos.  If you are interested in learning more on Seattle team issued player photos, I have put together an informational booklet with a checklist of known photos.  Email me for info on how to obtain a copy.

I have a large collection of Seattle hockey photos, and my goal is to obtain photos of as many players as possible in their Seattle uniforms.  This is particularly difficult in the earlier time periods, but that is where team photos can be a great help.   

Special thanks goes out to David Eskenazi for providing me with Totems player photos and team photos from his fine collection.

Jack Thompson of the Seattle Olympics having a disagreement with an opposing player.
Circa 1940-41

Because photos take up so much space, I have grouped them into pages by category below.  For each group you will find a selection of thumbnailed photos which can be enlarged for viewing.  If you have good quality photos of a player or team which you don’t see below, email me a scan!

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