Seattle Breakers Photos

I really don’t have much in the way of Breakers photos… memorabilia from this team is hard to find, and the programs of the era either don’t contain photos or the photos are just head shots.  Below is a (very) small selection of Breakers photos which have been thumbnailed for your convenience – click on the photo to enlarge. 

graves.jpg (39220 bytes)

Alan Graves
Breakers 1978-81

hunter.jpg (28088 bytes)

Tim Hunter
Breakers 1977-80
NHL Calgary Flames 1981-92
NHL Quebec Nordiques 1992-93
NHL Vancouver Canucks 1992-96
NHL San Jose Sharks 1996-97

marsh.jpg (42792 bytes)

Tom Marsh
Breakers 1978-80

walter.gif (30387 bytes)

Ryan Walter
Breakers 1977-78
NHL Washington Capitals 1978-82
NHL Montreal Canadiens 1982-91
NHL Vancouver Canucks 1991-93

ward.jpg (39378 bytes)

Joe Ward
Breakers 1978-81
NHL Colorado Rockies 1980-81


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