Trophies and Awards

Trophies and awards surface from time to time.  These can either be for teams, players, front office staff, or even the media.  As a collector I particularly enjoy these items as they are one of a kind and were presented to a specific  person or team for their accomplishment. 

PCHL Championship Trophy – Shipstads & Johnson

Above is the 1944-45 Pacific Coast Hockey League "Shipstads & Johnson Trophy" awarded to the PCHL champs the Seattle Ironmen.  The trophy is 2′ high and made of wood, with a brass plate, metal skater on top, and plastic cup (likely a replacement) at the bottom.  The trophy has spent the last 30-35 years in relative seclusion, hidden away under the ironing board in someone’s laundry room.  The family that I purchased it from bought it in the early 1970’s at a garage sale!  I had to re-attach the skater, but other than that it’s in great condition!

trophyplate.jpg (60782 bytes)

Close-up of the brass plaque on the trophy


PCHL Championship Trophy – Henderson Cup

Above is the Henderson Cup – the championship trophy of the Pacific Coast Hockey League.  The brass plate at the bottom lists all of the PCHL champions from 1945 through 1952.  It’s a big trophy, standing about 2 1/2 feet tall, and it appears that there was supposed to be something attached to the top of the globe which would make it even taller.  Unfortunately, this piece is missing.  Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi.


Hy Zimmerman

Hy Zimmerman was a long time writer for the Seattle Times.  He covered a multitude of sports, but his passion was hockey.  Not only did he write game articles for the Times, but he was also a regular contributor to Seattle Totems game day programs and other publications such as Western Hockey World, a weekly newspaper put out during the season in the early 1960’s.  He was widely regarded as the "dean of West coast hockey writers".  He wrote in an era when objectivity and sterile reporting were not in fashion, as they are today.  Instead he wrote as a fan of both the game and the team, and he could make even the most boring game sound entertaining.

This plaque was awarded to Hy Zimmerman on March 11, 1966.  It is unclear if it was given to him by the Totems or by some other group.  The plaque reads:  "To Hy Zimmerman, The Dean of West Coast Hockey Writers, In Recognition of 14 years of Outstanding Hockey Coverage in Seattle, March 11, 1966".  The black circle at the bottom is a Seattle Totems puck which has been cut in half to fit into the plaque.


This plaque and certificate were awarded to Hy Zimmerman by the Seattle Totem Hockey Booster Club for "outstanding services rendered".  Unfortunately age and sunlight have taken their toll, and the year is no longer completely visible, although I believe it is 1963


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