Game Used Sticks

While not common, game used sticks do show up from time to time.  In the last 10 years the Seattle Thunderbirds have been pretty good about making sticks available either through the gift shop or as prizes for various raffles and contests.  Most TBirds gamers will be cracked or damaged, and almost all will be signed by anywhere from 1 player to the whole team.

Seattle Totems game used sticks, while not common, do appear from time to time.  They are obviously much more plentiful in the Seattle area, as sticks were often given to kids and season ticket holders at games.  The overwhelming majority of Totems sticks are either Northland Pro or Victoriaville brand.  They are found autographed about half of the time.

Below is a sampling of Seattle game used sticks.  I’m sorry about the lack of detail, but sticks are really hard to photograph due to their length.


Two gamers from Mr. Seattle Hockey Guyle Fielder.  The stick at the top is labeled
"Western Hockey League", a style used in the late 1950’s.  This particular stick is autographed by
17 members of the 1957-58 Seattle Americans, and has Fielder’s name and number hand written on the shaft.
  The bottom stick is a Northland Professional model, which has Fielder’s name stenciled on the
shaft and his number (7) written in marker.  Note Fielder’s signature tape job.


Three Seattle Totems game used sticks.
Top:  Unknown player, Northland Professional model, early to mid 1970’s
Middle:  Jim Baird, Northland Pro.  Signed by 16 members of the 1961-62 club.
Baird’s name and number (8) are written on the shaft. 
Significant because Baird only played in 26 games in Seattle.
Bottom:  Jack Dale, Northland Pro.  Dale’s name and number (20) are written
on the shaft.


Seattle Totems game used sticks.
Top:  John Hanna, Victoriaville Pro.  Name stenciled on shaft.
Bottom:  Gordon Tansley, Northland Pro.  Signed by 16 members of the 1960-61 club,
the only season Tansley was with the team.  "Tans" is written on the shaft.


Jim McLeod game used goaltender stick, Seattle Totems.  Northland Pro brand.
Name is stenciled on shaft, and there is a hand written notation reading "1965-66".


Seattle Thunderbirds game used sticks.
Top:  Bauer model, no player name.  Number "9" written on shaft.  Team signed.
Second:  Koho model, no player name or number.  Team signed.
Third:  Shane Endicott, CCM model.  Name stenciled on shaft, signed by 3 players.
Bottom:  Andrew Kemper, Canadien model.  Name written on shaft, team signed.


Doug Bonner goalie stick.  Koho brand.  Signed by 23 members of the 1992-93 team. 


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