Schedules have always been a popular collectible – after all, there isn’t much else that you can get for free any more.  Pocket schedules likely exist for every Seattle season going back to the mid-1940’s, and the Thunderbirds have also put out magnetic schedules like the one above during most of the 1990’s.  The one at the top of the page has always been one of my favorites, as I appear in the crowd shot along the far right border… my first brush with hockey immortality!

Below are samples of Seattle schedules from my collection.  The images are thumbnailed for your convenience and to ease download time.  Just click on the schedule for a larger image.  I didn’t include anything later than 1990.

Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

49-50.jpg (45373 bytes)

1949-50 Ironmen

50-51.jpg (49357 bytes)

1950-51 PCHL
Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

52-53.jpg (63117 bytes)

1952-53 Bombers
Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

53-54.gif (52853 bytes)

1953-54 Bombers

57-58.jpg (52648 bytes)

1957-58 Americans
Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

58-59.jpg (50309 bytes)

1958-59 Seattle Totems
Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

60-61.jpg (54737 bytes)

1960-61 Totems
Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

61-62.jpg (45883 bytes)

1961-62 Totems
Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

62-63.jpg (46738 bytes)

1962-63 Totems
Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

63-64.jpg (49032 bytes)

1963-64 Totems
Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

64-65.jpg (51135 bytes)

1964-65 Totems

65-66.jpg (49409 bytes)

1965-66 Totems

66-67.jpg (44870 bytes)

1966-67 Totems

67-68.jpg (46806 bytes)

1967-68 Totems

68-69.jpg (43446 bytes)

1968-69 Totems

69-70.jpg (52824 bytes)

1969-70 Totems

70-71.jpg (51217 bytes)

1970-71 Totems

71-72.jpg (44349 bytes)

1971-72 Totems (signed)

72-73.jpg (51485 bytes)

1972-73 Totems

73-74.jpg (42936 bytes)

1973-74 Totems

74-75.jpg (39916 bytes)

1974-75 Totems

77-78.jpg (45552 bytes)

1977-78 Breakers

79-80.jpg (38725 bytes)

1979-80 Breakers

83-84.jpg (43461 bytes)

1983-84 Breakers

84-85.jpg (39700 bytes)

1984-85 Breakers

  86-87.jpg (50497 bytes)

1986-87 Thunderbirds



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