"Programs… get yer programs!"

The classic refrain heard at just about every sporting event.  Programs are probably the most common collectible for any given team, mainly due to the sheer volume that are sold over the course of a season.  That’s great news for the collector, as programs are an invaluable source of photographs and roster information as well as general team history.

Seattle hockey programs from the pre-1946 period are very difficult – there weren’t many produced, and most of them didn’t survive.  Programs from the start of the professional Ironmen in 1946 to the last year of the Americans in 1957-58 are a little easier to find, but are still very tough (particularly those of the Bombers in the early 1950’s).  Totems programs become more common as you move from the first season of 1958-59 through about 1971-72, with the 1969-72 period probably the easiest to obtain.  They then become slightly more difficult for the last three seasons from 1972-75, likely due to poor attendance and a bad team.

Breakers programs are also quite difficult, again likely due to the small attendance (less than 1,000 per game on average).  They aren’t particularly expensive, as there aren’t many people who collect them.  The same can be said for Thunderbirds programs.

Below is the most complete collection of Seattle hockey program covers that you will find in any one place.  That doesn’t mean that they’re all here – I don’t have everything.  Those programs which feature a player photo on the cover generally changed pictures every issue, and I have not copied each different front here as the formats are the same.  Also, the 1970-71 programs featured at least a dozen different covers, all of which were generic and likely used throughout the league.  There are only a few seasons in which I have chosen to show more than one cover, and in those cases it is because the cover change (a) related specifically to Seattle hockey and (b) was a significant design change.

The images below are thunbnailed for easier downloading.  To see a larger image, just click on the program you want to see.

My thanks to Seattle hockey collector Dave Eskenazi for the images of a number of the earliest Seattle hockey programs.

1916-17 Metropolitans
Stanley Cup Champions

28-29.jpg (55696 bytes)

Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

29-30.jpg (60068 bytes)

1929-30 Eskimos

30s.jpg (55762 bytes)


34-35-2.jpg (59334 bytes)

1934-35 Sea Hawks
Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

34-35.jpg (55200 bytes)

1934-35 City League
Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

36-37.jpg (57093 bytes)

1936-37 City League

1936-37 Seattle Eskimos
Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

38-39.jpg (59113 bytes)

1938-39 Sea Hawks
Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

39-40city.jpg (51279 bytes)

1939-40 City League
Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

39-40.jpg (74615 bytes)


40-41.jpg (78499 bytes)

1940-41 Olympics

cityleague.jpg (52687 bytes)

1941-42 City League

46-47.jpg (57963 bytes)

1946-47 Ironmen

47-48.jpg (49180 bytes)

1947-48 Ironmen
Different players featured

48-49.jpg (54166 bytes)

1948-49 Ironmen
Also in red and green

51-52.jpg (58854 bytes)

1951-52 Ironmen
Also in yellow and green

52-53.jpg (57428 bytes)

1952-53 Bombers

53-54.jpg (58634 bytes)

1953-54 Bombers
(My favorite!)

55-56.jpg (52762 bytes)

1955-56 Americans

56-57.jpg (49175 bytes)

1956-57 Americans
All covers feature Fielder

57-58.jpg (49179 bytes)

1957-58 Americans

58-59.jpg (48760 bytes)

1958-59 Totems
Different players featured

59detroit.jpg (60740 bytes)

1959 Exhibition
vs. Detroit Red Wings

59-60.jpg (49763 bytes)

1959-60 Totems
Different players featured

60-61.jpg (51094 bytes)

1960-61 Totems

61-62.jpg (56607 bytes)

1961-62 Totems

62-63.jpg (51357 bytes)

1962-63 Totems
Also with "$1,000 MJB Puck Shoot"
across the front

63-64.jpg (51227 bytes)

1963-64 Totems

64-65.jpg (53324 bytes)

1964-65 Totems

64toronto.jpg (51086 bytes)

1964 Exhibition
vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

65-66.jpg (55131 bytes)

1965-66 Totems
Two pull out player photos
in each edition

66-67.jpg (49457 bytes)

1966-67 Totems

67-68-1.jpg (65824 bytes)

1967-68 Totems
Majority of season

67-68-2.jpg (59507 bytes)

1967-68 Totems
Late season and playoffs

68-69.jpg (58915 bytes)

1968-69 Totems

69-70-3.jpg (60052 bytes)

1969-70 Totems
Art by Stu Moldrem

69-70-4.jpg (63064 bytes)

1969-70 Totems
Art by Stu Moldrem

69-70-2.jpg (60824 bytes)

1969-70 Totems
Art by Stu Moldrem

69-70.jpg (62191 bytes)

1969-70 Totems
Art by Stu Moldrem

70-71.jpg (60205 bytes)

1969-70 Totems
Over a dozen different known

1970-71 Totems
Most resemble 1969-70
At least two are in this format

72-73.jpg (60382 bytes)

1971-72 Totems
Many different photos used

72russia.jpg (55347 bytes)

December 25, 1972
Totems vs. Russia

73-74.jpg (59169 bytes)

1972-73 Totems
Different photo each issue

73czech.jpg (59060 bytes)

December 25, 1973
Totems vs. Czechoslovakia

74russia.jpg (61827 bytes)

January 5, 1974
Totems vs. Russia

74-75.jpg (57871 bytes)

1974-75 Totems
Different photo each issue


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