Press Passes

Seattle hockey teams have been very fortunate to have received press coverage from some great supporters – Hy Zimmerman, Bill Knight, Bill Schonley, Al Ostrom…  Being part of the press has it’s benefits – you get access to the players, coaches and facilities that fans only dream of. 

Below is a great group of press passes issued by Seattle hockey clubs or their respective leagues.  These passes would have been used to gain access to the arenas, press areas and locker rooms.  These passes all came from the collection of Dave Eskenazi, and I would like to thank him for making them available to the Seattle Hockey Homepage.

53-54press.jpg (49563 bytes)

1953-54 Seattle Bombers

55-56press.jpg (44218 bytes)

1955-56 Seattle Americans

55-56pchlpress.jpg (51050 bytes)

1955-56 Pacific Coast Hockey League

57-58press.jpg (48704 bytes)

1957-58 Seattle Americans

58-59press.jpg (47294 bytes)

1958-59 Seattle Totems

59-60press.jpg (49899 bytes)

1959-60 Seattle Totems

61-62press.jpg (53214 bytes)

1961-62 Seattle Totems

65-66whlpress.jpg (47324 bytes)

1965-66 Western Hockey League



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