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I’ve been collecting Seattle hockey memorabilia since about 1990, and I’ve got a bit of everything – jerseys, programs, photos, buttons, sticks, pucks… if it’s related to hockey in Seattle, I collect it. 

The items shown here are just a sample of the stuff that I have, and it is no means an all-inclusive collection.  Believe me, there is a lot of stuff out there that I don’t have, and I’m seeing new things on an almost monthly basis. 

In general, the earlier the item, the more scarce it is likely to be.  Things relating to the pre-1946 era are almost impossible to find in any condition, with the odd photo or program surfacing from time to time.  Collectibles from this era are by far the most expensive.  Seattle Ironmen items are tough, but if you’re patient you might be able to find a program here or there, or maybe a team photo.  Items relating to the Seattle Bombers are almost impossible, as the team only used that name for the 1952-53 and 1953-54  seasons.

The era of the Americans was also short (3 seasons), and programs from this period are about as tough as those of the Ironmen.  During this period photos become more available (although still very scarce), particularly team photos.  There were also team issued 8X10 black and white player photos released in this time period, but it is unclear as to whether or not these were ever made available to the public or only the media.  Americans pucks are also highly sought after, not only by those who collect Seattle hockey but by puck collectors in general.  I usually only see one or two offered for sale each year.

The reign of the Totems provides ample collecting opportunities in all fields – pucks, programs, photos, patches, buttons, and esoteric items like the skate bottle opener shown at right.  It has been my experience that Totems stuff gets easier to find as you move from the late 1950’s through about 1972.  From 1972 to 1975 things actually become more difficult to find, likely due to the weak teams and poor attendance during this period.  The most available items are probably from the 1968-72 period.

There are over a dozen different Totems pucks available, and some with different front/back combinations.  For instance, the Totems vs. Russia 1972 puck exists with at least three different reverses – one blank, one with facsimile signatures of the 1972-73 team, and one with the logo from the 1973-74 games vs. Russia and Czechoslovakia.  One of the pucks from the late 1960’s/early 1970’s has been reproduced – it shows a green Totems logo with the words "Seattle Totems" in a white disc.  Buyer beware!

Totems photos are available, including color photos in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s.  Individual player photos can also be found for most seasons, and most are in black and white and measure about 8X10.  There are two exceptions to this.  The first is the 1965-66 photos, which can easily be distinguished by their smaller size – approximately 6 1/2" by 9 1/2".  These photos were originally attached to the inside of programs from the 1965-66 season, two per program.  Make sure if you are buying a 1965-66 program that it has these photos inside, as they were often removed.  The other unique series was a set of 20 color 8X10’s put out by White Front stores in 1969-70.  These photos are numbered on the back and also have information about the player pictured.  For more info on dating a specific photo, email me.  I have put together a checklist of known photos based on numerous local collections.

Another good source of photos is hockey cards.  A number of the players from all of the teams which have played in Seattle have made it to the NHL, and some of them have hockey cards which feature them with their NHL teams.  Guyle Fielder made it onto a card (left) in 1957-58, even though he was only to play in 6 games for Detroit that season (and only 15 in his entire NHL career).

Other items relating to the Totems appear infrequently, although their value is generally hindered by lack of interest as they do not appeal to non-Seattle collectors.  Sticks are the only piece of player equipment that ever seem to appear, and the majority are either Northland Pro or Victoriaville Pro brand.

Collectibles from the Seattle Breakers are even more difficult that those of the Totems, likely due to the lack of interest with attendance at only around 1,000 fans per game.  Prices are generally kept reasonable as there really isn’t a market.  Pucks are probably the most common items, and programs are surprisingly tough.  I have only seen two jerseys from the Breakers, and know of two others which I haven’t seen. 

Items from the Seattle Thunderbirds get easier as you get closer to today, particularly the past 4-5 seasons.  The TBirds have put out a ton of stuff – pucks, programs, pins, buttons, and all kinds of logo merchandise.  Collector interest is generally minimal with the exception of game used jerseys, as there are so many items still readily available.

The following links will give you a sampling of the various types of memorabilia available.  Most of these items are from my own collection, although a number were generously donated by fellow collectors in an effort to make this section more complete.

If you have any specific questions about memorabilia, email me!


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