Special Jerseys

Beginning in 1999, the Thunderbirds began doing special promotions involving unique jerseys which were worn in only one game, then auctioned off to the fans. The money raised goes to the player’s scholarship fund. There have been ten of these one-game-only jerseys through 2007, photos of which can be found below.  Interest is very high in these jerseys, and generally the bidding ranges from $500 to $1,500 per jersey depending on the player.  The auction featuring the 2006-07 alternate jerseys was the largest to date, with over $40,000 raised for the scholarship fund and well over half the jerseys selling in excess of $1,000 (Bud Holloway’s jersey topped the bidding at $2,750).

In 2001 the team began experimenting with holiday themed warm up jerseys. It was a first come, first served basis, with the first 25 fans to put up $150 receiving a used warm up jersey drawn at random. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Winter jerseys were done for 2001-02.  The 2007 Turn Back the Clock jerseys were issued in a similar way, being offered to the first 25 season ticket holders to sign up.

1999-2000 Oleg Saprykin
Saturday Alternate – Home
Jersey by Bauer
2000 Brennan Evans
St. Patrick’s Day – one game only style (Bauer)
Green w/clovers on sleeves
2000 Greg Black
70’s Night – one game only style
Tie-dye mesh w/peace symbol patch
2001 Eric Benke
St. Valentine’s Day – one game only style (Bauer)
Red w/hearts and 2001 on sleeves


2001 Nate Thompson
Halloween warm-up
Black mesh w/silkscreen logos and US flag
2002 Steven Goertzen
25th Anniversary Special – worn on Saturdays
Grey w/TBirds and Breakers patches
Jersey by Nike

2002 Mark Lindsay
President’s Day – two game only style
White w/Lincoln & Washington patches
Jersey by Nike


2002 Marc Desloges
Halloween special – two game only style
Orange with "2002" stitched on
Jersey by Nike
2002 Matt Spiller
Winter warm-up
Blue w/silkscreen logos
Jersey by Nike
2005 Jeremey Schappert
Halloween Special – Two Game Only Style
Orange & Black, K1 logo on reverse
Jersey by K1
2006 Scott Jackson
St. Patrick’s Day – one game only style
Jersey by CCM
2006-07 Kyle Pess
Saturday Alternate – Home
Jersey by Bauer
2007 Turn Back the Clock Acolatse
Totems vs. Buckroos – two games only style
Jersey by Bauer
2008 Turn Back the Clock Helenius
Breakers vs. Winter Hawks – one game only style
Jersey by Reebock


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