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From time to time I have been fortunate enough to come across old letters or other documents pertaining to hockey in Seattle.  Sometimes the content of these documents is enlightening and entertaining, while other times it simply relates to the day to day operations of a hockey club.  Often times a particular letter is more valuable for its letterhead than for its content.

Below is an assortment of letters and documents from my collection.  I tried to keep the scans big enough for you to read the content, although I give a brief synopsis of each as well.  Click on the document to see a larger image.


WHL President
March, 1959
Letter on WHL stationary
signed by league president
Al Leader

68totemsletter.jpg (76168 bytes)

Seattle Totems
October, 1968
Letter sent to press with information
regarding press passes for the
1968-69 season

Seattle Totems envelope

Seattle Totems
April, 1970
Letter to writer Eileen Crimmin
discussing payment for her
contributions to programs
during 1969-70

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Press Release
Press release announcing Larry
Popein as new head coach of
the Seattle Totems

kinasewichletter.jpg (64977 bytes)

WHL President
January, 1970
Letter on WHL stationary
signed by league president
Eugene Kinasewich

macfarlandletter.jpg (64184 bytes)

Abbey, MacFarland & Kleist
January, 1971
Written by former Totem
Bill MacFarland.  Law firm partners
Bill MacFarland (former player) and
Vince Abbey (owner of Totems).

ahaletter.jpg (84555 bytes)

Amateur Hockey Assoc.
February, 1971
Letter on U.S. Amateur
Hockey Assoc. stationary.
AHA located in Seattle.

envelope.jpg (39189 bytes)

Seattle Totems envelope
circa 1974-75



Seattle Totems
February, 1974
Letter to a fan in Minnesota
regarding his request for
a game program.
  Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi



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