Seattle Totems Booster Club

The Totems had a very active booster club throughout most of the teams existence.  The club was involved in planning road trips for fans, making banners for games, and in voting for player awards.  Each year they would host the Seattle Totems Booster Club Annual Awards Banquet, which featured speakers from the team, awards given out to players, dinner and dancing.

Bruce Stanley driving the #18 Totems Hockey Boosters
car at S.I.R. (Seattle International Raceway) in the 1960’s!

As you can see by the invitations below, the banquets were a formal affair and were the highlight of the Booster Club activities.  The invites below came from the collection of Johnnie Jones, who served as President of the Booster Club for four years during the 1960’s.  Also included are some Booster Club Membership cards and banquet tickets from the collection of Dave Eskenazi.


1964booster.jpg (49129 bytes)

March 16, 1964
Hockey Awards Banquet
Courtesy Dave Eskenazi

1965booster.jpg (47157 bytes)

March 8, 1965
Hockey Awards Banquet

1967booster.jpg (48290 bytes)

March 17, 1967
Annual Awards Banquet

1968booster1.jpg (50541 bytes)

March 17, 1968
Annual Awards Banquet

1969booster.jpg (53761 bytes)

March 22, 1969
Annual Awards Banquet

1970booster.jpg (50460 bytes)

March 31, 1970
Annual Awards Banquet

boostermember.gif (59499 bytes)

Assorted Booster Club Membership Cards
Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

boostertickets.gif (40601 bytes)

Assorted Banquet Tickets
Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi



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