Hy Zimmerman






  • Seattle Times:  1950s through 1970s
  • Writer – Seattle Totems programs:  1963-72

This veteran sportswriter covered Seattle hockey through three decades in the pages of the Seattle Times.  He also wrote regular articles in the Totems’ game-night programs, often under the title of Hy Sticking, as well as for the relatively short-lived Western Hockey World.  A strong supporter of hockey, Zimmerman was never afraid to express his opinions about specific players or the game in general.  He was often referred to as "The Dean of West Coast Hockey Writers".

Many sources credit Zimmerman with suggesting the name "Totems" to the owners of the team.  The story goes that following the purchase of the Seattle Americans in the summer of 1958, the new ownership group planned on changing the teams name to the Jets.  Zimmerman, in a conversation with a senior member of the ownership group, recommended the name Totems, which he felt was more symbolic of the Northwest and its Native American heritage.  The name stuck and the rest, as they say, is history. 

In the spring of 1966 Zimmerman was presented with an award by the Totems for his outstanding hockey coverage.  The plaque read:  "To Hy Zimmerman, The Dean of West Coast Hockey Writers, In Recognition of 14 Years of Outstanding Hockey Coverage in Seattle".