John Houbregs



Seattle Eskimos 1930-31
Seattle Sea Hawks 1934-36, 1937-40
Defenseman – 6’2" – 210 lbs.


  • None


  • NWHL/PCHL Championship:  1936
  • City League Championship:  1943



Regular Season Playoffs
1930-31 Seattle Eskimos
1934-35 Seattle Sea Hawks
1935-36 Seattle Sea Hawks 40 6 7 13 25 4 0 1 1 2
1937-38 Seattle Sea Hawks 38 6 8 14 36 4 0 0 0 2
1938-39 Seattle Sea Hawks 48 9 11 20 26 7 0 2 2 12
1939-40 Seattle Sea Hawks 40 3 5 8 24

The statistical record on John Houbregs is incomplete, but what is known is that he was one of the largest players of the era and was a feared defenseman. 

Born in Belgium, Houbregs made his professional debut with the Seattle Eskimos during the 1930-31 season.  After the NWHL folded in the spring of 1931, Houbregs went back to the amateur ranks, helping the Ballard Blues to the City League championship in 1932.  After spending some time playing in Calgary, he returned to Seattle to join the new Sea Hawks franchise in 1934, remaining with the club for five of the next six seasons (he was with Oakland of the PCHL in 1936-37).  The Sea Hawks made three trips to the league finals during his time with the club, winning a championship in 1936.

Houbregs returned to City League play during World War II, appearing with Sick’s Selects in 1941-42 and as a player/coach of the league champion Ballard Blues in 1942-43. 

While he accomplished a lot on the ice, he is probably best known in Seattle sports circles as the father of Bob Houbregs, star basketball player for the University of Washington from 1949-53.  In addition to being a college hoops standout, Bob also played five seasons in the NBA and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1979.