Frank Dotten


  • Seattle Ironmen:  1944-47


  • Seattle Ironmen:  1946-52
  • Seattle Bombers:  1952-54


  • Seattle Ironmen:  1946-48, 1949-51
  • Seattle Bombers:  1953-54


  • PCHL Championship:  1944-45
  • US Amateur Hockey Association Championship:  1945


Regular Season Playoffs
1944-45 Seattle Ironmen 27 38 34 72 12 12 23 9 32 4
1945-46 Seattle Ironmen 46 22 32 54 51 3 0 1 1 0
1946-47 Seattle Ironmen 2 0 1 1 0
Seattle Totals 75 60 67 127 63 15 23 10 33 4

Frank Dotten came to Seattle as the playing coach of the Ironmen in 1944-45 and immediately led his new club to a PCHL championship and an invitation to play the Boston Olympics for the US Amateur Hockey Association championship.  After his club lost the first two games in the best-of-seven series with Boston, Dotten took the team on his shoulders by scoring six goals in the third game to shift the momentum in the series.  The Ironmen won four straight to take the series in six games, and Dotten racked up 13 goals in the process. 

Dotten purchased the Ironmen in the summer of 1946 and owned the franchise (which he renamed the Bombers in 1952) for the next nine years.  Under his leadership the franchise weathered the transition from amateur to professional play in 1948.  Success on the ice remained elusive for the club, and Dotten continually struggled to keep the team afloat.  Even the addition of a young Guyle Fielder in 1953-54 couldn’t stave off the inevitable, and he requested that the team be allowed to take a one year leave of absence from the WHL in 1954 in an attempt to get his finances in order.  The year off didn’t help and the league, under the leadership of Dotten’s friend Al Leader, took over the franchise and sold it to TV executive Bill Veneman.  The team was renamed the Americans and later became the Seattle Totems.