When Thunder Comes – “Eyes of the Wolf” (1987)

It was the Post-It note on the front cover of Eyes of the Wolf that first caught my attention. “Front Cover Rocks, Back Cover Sucks”. Which meant I had to at least look at the back cover. And I’m not here to talk crap…. because look, if you’re of a certain age, you can probably go back in time and look at a photo of yourself from 20-30 years ago and cringe. And, well, because I had a haircut very similar to the one the guy with the mustache was sporting.

As for the rest of the Post-It, calling Eyes of the Wolf “gothy post-punk” is stretching it a bit. “Elevator” may get close, but the whole thing is probably closer to new wave that arrived a bit too late, being pressed in the era of hair metal and just prior to the rise of grunge. Such is life.

When Thunder Comes were originally known as Mission, and they put out a pair of albums prior to Eyes of the Wolf – 1983s The Last Detail and 1986s When Thunder Comes, the latter of which they later took as the name of the band. This gives us a bit more insight into their new wave sound, as they clearly can trace their origins back to the genre’s popularity apex. Interestingly when looking at the insert for Eyes of the Wolf it appears that the songs themselves cover wide period, with writing dates ranging from 1980 to 1986. That probably explains when it feels like the whole thing doesn’t have a stylistic center.