The Refuzors – “Flashback”

Seattle’s own The Refuzors! I first heard these guys on the previously reviewed Seattle Syndrome, Volume 1 and thought they sounded pretty good, so when I ran across this 1997 band comp from Idol Records I figured what the hell.

The Refuzors were founded in 1978, and really they’re more rock than punk. The 10 tracks included here are undated, and since the band basically didn’t put out any recorded material back in the day it’s a bit tough to know when these songs are from (there are no liner notes). At least one sounded live… but who can say. I ran across an interview with Mike Refuzor from December 2012 only, originally aired on local radio station KCMU, and it sounds like he’s got a group together today using the same name and working on some new material. I guess we’ll wait and see.

Who’s going to want to put up with you?
— “Nobody”

Flashback is OK, though really more interesting as a sort of period piece, a look back at what was happening in Seattle post-punk and pre-grunge. Worth a listen, but if you weren’t a fan back in the day, I’m not sure there’s anything here that is going to blow you away.