Brött Brekka – “Suicidal Brand Loyalty” (2019)

I pretty much don’t know anything at all about Brött Brekka, other than that their debut album Suicidal Brand Loyalty just dropped earlier this month. So let’s give it a spin, shall we?

There’s a bit to unpack here. Sometimes slow and sludgy, other times with an indie rock tempo, Brött Brekka continuously shift musical gears throughout Suicidal Brand Loyalty, even doing so within songs. They tagged themselves as “mathrock” on Bandcamp, and for once that is an apt description. I’m no expert on timing signatures, but there’s disjointedness to some of the passages, that sort of uncomfortable feeling you get when you hear non-standard timing. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. Not at all. “Give Me a Minute” is an all-too-brief high point, a heavy jam with a bit of early 2000s vocal disdain clocking in at 1:19, though it bleeds seamless into “Minute Give” as if the pair were in fact the same song. “King of the Moon” carries a punk vibe, particularly in the vocals, though with a very unpunk guitar solo. Meanwhile the spoken vocals on “The Twelve” are reminiscent of something Cake might have done, but with a lot more attitude.

Suicidal Brand Loyalty is available for streaming and purchase at Bandcamp HERE.