Fats Comet – “Stormy Weather” / “Dub Storm” 12″

Man I love that On-U sound!

This is the second Fats Comet 12″ I’ve found at my local used shop, Vortex, the other being 1986’s “Rockchester.” I feel like these two records must have been part of the same collection, because there are a few other On-U records floating around there, and it doesn’t seem like the kind of stuff they get in very often. Somehow I must have overlooked it before.

The A side is a electro-dub version of the 1933 Harold Arlen/Ted Koehler song “Stormy Weather,” a tune that has gone through countless versions over the years, but probably none as trippy as this one. I recognized the undercurrent of the original almost immediately, though I’m not 100% sure which version(s) is used here for the sampling, because it features both male and female vocals. The B side is given over to an even more dubbed out version of the tune, one only recognizable from the less frequent vocal samples.

This is another pair of killer tracks from Adrian Sherwood and On-U. I’m probably to the point that I’m just going to buy anything produced by On-U assuming the price is even halfway reasonable – they never disappoint.