Coil – “Panic” (1985)

There are three songs on this 12″ from Coil, and all three bring something different to the party. “Aqua Regis” is the stuff nightmares are made from, and industrial horror show from the deepest recesses of the most primitive parts of the brain. I mean, just look at the cover of this thing – if that image isn’t nightmare fuel, I don’t know what is. However, “Panic” is some great industrial dance, metallic beats and more structured than its predecessor, though the vocal interlude is creepy as hell (and it sort of sounds like they sampled some Led Zeppelin era Robert Plant with some of the moaning). The B side is given over to an industrial cover of “Tainted Love” that will peel the paint off your soul, if you have one. Even played at 45 rpm you’re left thinking, “wait, is the speed too slow?” It’s not. It feels like something being sung by a homicidal stalker. Meaning it’s pretty great.