Tilfinningar Vina Minna – “Tónlist Hljómar Samt Betur Með Þér” 10″ (2018)

Comprised of two members of Sudden Weather Change and a guy from Oyama (who was also, more importantly in my mind, a member of Fist Fokkers), Tilfinningar Vina Minna perform a sort of dream pop on the five-song Tónlist Hljómar Samt Betur Með Þér. Beats, layered electronics, and modulated vocals combine to produce an enjoyable poppy concoction, not so much sticky sweet as it is icy cold.

Released on 10″ lathe cut vinyl by Reykjavik Record Shop, Tónlist Hljómar Samt Betur Með Þér is super-limited with only 50 hand-numbered copies produced. I think the shop has a few left, so you can either hit them up or grab a copy from Discogs.

More From Bónus Plötur (2017)

Back in June I blogged about a trio of 7″ record put out by the new Icelandic label Bónus Plötur. Well, I brought back a few more from our recent trip to Reykjavik, so let’s give them a spin, shall we?

BP-06 7″
A: Manxego – “Stadan”
B: Mimra – “He’s All Yours

Manxego brings us an interesting mix of beats and loops and effects, changing pace in ways that never allow you to get into a comfortable groove. I’m not sure if the vocal pieces are samples or actual vocals, but either way they break the tension a bit. Mimra takes things in a totally different direction with some female-vocaled soul-pop. Musically electronic, but with truly soulful singing, Mimra could have found a home on Mowtown back in the day.

BP-07 7″
A: Oyama – “Handsome Devil”
B: Náttfari – “Serge”

Oyama is a band we’ve seen live a number of times. Their style is more or less shoegaze, and “Handsome Devil” sort of follows that template, more folky than psych but still with that dreamy quality that defines their sound. Náttfari is a good pairing with Oyama – “Serge” has a folk-rock vibe with elements of surf-psych, but all played in a slow way that reminds me of that sensation of just when you transition from being awake to falling asleep, that hard to hold on to moment or two as you sink into REM. Beautiful song.

BP-08 10″
A: Rafidn – “Gueid”
B: Justman – “Neon Lights”

Rafidn brings us some bleeps and bloops, an uptempo pogoing little jam that has a certain cutesy feel to it that makes me think of Japanese television. It has an intentional yet synthetic innocence to it. Meanwhile Justman takes us back to more of the Oyama/Náttfari style, slow psych guitar with an almost country sadness paired with languid choral-like vocals.


As with other Bónus Plötur, these are very limited – all three are numbered editions of 30, so they won’t be easy (or cheap) to find.