Gang Green – “Older… Budweiser”

I found this copy of Gang Green’s Older… Budweiser while flipping through the punk stuff at Reykjavik’s Lucky Records. Odd that I ended up getting a Dutch pressing of an American punk band at a store in Iceland, but you know, records travel. And now this copy is in the US of A. It also got me thinking about “cutouts,” since this copy has the tell-tale hole punched in the top right corner and even a kind of cool Icelandic sticker that indicates that no refunds are allowed for this record. So here’s a record that likely achieved cutout status because it didn’t sell well enough… and yet close to 25 years later I was stoked to find it and probably paid more for it than the person who originally bought it did. But whatever.

I previously wrote about Gang Green’s Another Wasted Night, so I don’t really have anything new to say about the band. Released in 1989, three years after their debut, Older… Budweiser is a bit more heavy metal than punk to me, but still pretty damn cool. It’s a record that probably never quite found it’s place in 1989… sort of a transitional period when a lot of tired bands were still topping the charts, Metallica was putting out music videos, and grunge hadn’t yet changed the scene. I would have totally rocked out to this record had I ever even heard of Gang Green, though, I can assure you. “Church of Fun” is a great rocker, and “Bedroom of Doom” is a hilarious song about bedroom mishaps involving STDs and inadvertent drunken liaisons with someone who turned out to be another dude.

Nothing fancy here, just some metal songs about drinking and nonsense. Just the way I like ’em.