Orghestar – “Konungar Spaghettifrumskógarins”

Konungar Spaghettifrumskógarins… now that is a mouthful. Supposedly the band name translates into something like “screaming horses,” while the album title is along the lines of “King of the Spaghetti Jungle.” Because, I mean, why wouldn’t you call an album that? Right?


I don’t know much about this band or this four song EP from 1982, which looks like it might be their only release. I know I picked this up on a bit of a lark at Airwaves in 2012, and I think my copy is actually signed on the reverse by guitarist Gestur Guðnason. There’s a tiny bit of info about it online, but I have no idea if any of it is correct. Supposedly only 300 copies of Konungar Spaghettifrumskógarins were released… but who knows. I’m sure it’s technically rare. But then again, it’s value is still defined by the intersection of the supply and demand curves (I knew Economics 101 in college would pay off someday!), and I don’t know that there are many people out there looking for it.

And after listening to side A, I was really doubting anyone at all was looking for it. The two songs on that side are pretty bland rock numbers. But then I flipped it over and heard “ÞEMAÞSEM,” which is a very cool old school sounding punk track. Orghestar is generally described as “punk” though I really don’t hear that at all. The second track on the reverse side, “Kannski,” is a bit reggae-ish and decent, but not really a punk number either. Perhaps tellingly the one song I really like (“ÞEMAÞSEM”) is the only one written by Guðnason, with the other three credited to Benóný Ægisson. That’s the one that makes this worth tracking down.

Konungar Spaghettifrumskógarins is certainly both interesting and obscure. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. Remember that song that I told you was my favorite on the EP? Someone has it posted to their music blog HERE. It’s track #18 on that playlist. Enjoy!