Gang Green – “I81B4U”

This is my third stop as I work my way through the Gang Green catalog, falling in between my two prior reviews of Another Wasted Night (1986) and Older… Budweiser (1989) both in terms of release date and style. The five-song EP came out in 1988 and marks a transitional period between the punk of the earlier album and the more metal sound of the later – though it’s definitely past the half way point of Gang Green’s change from punk to metal, as can be heard through what sounds like fast double bass drums on “Rent” and the shredding guitar opening to “Put Her On Top.”

While the musical style may have changed, the types of things Gang Green sing about have not, as proven by such song titles as “Bartender,” “Put Her On Top,” and the ever classy “Cum In U.” This is nothing fancy. It’s in-the-gutter rock ‘n’ roll about beer and chicks, nothing more, nothing less. Making a seemingly mandatory appearance on the jacket is the King of Beers, Budweiser, with a pouring can gracing the jacket front and the two of the boys holding cans in the band picture on the reverse. You can’t have Gang Green without Budweiser. Accept no substitute. And Ironically on the reverse, way down in the corner in tiny font, is a little “Stop The Madness” anti-drug message by the band’s label. Um, someone may want to tell Roadracer Records that alcohol is a drug too. I’m just sayin’.

If you like your stripped down metal with some beer and a touch of misogyny, Gang Green brings it. I find them fun to listen to in small doses, so an EP like I81B4U is just about right. With that in mind, I think I need to make a trip to the fridge and maybe flip the record on my way back…