Skáphe – “Untitled” Cassette (2017)

Seems like it’s been a while since Iceland’s premier black metal label Vánagandr put out a new tape, so I was a bit surprised and excited when I found one in the box that came in the mail the other day from Lucky Records. I felt like the kid in Time Bandits finding a chunk of concentrated evil. It’s the second Skáphe release put out by the label, but the first one I’m hearing because the other cassette got completely destroyed by my previous tape deck, probably its way of trying to warn me of the dark power the tape contained.

Untitled could just as easily be called “VII”, since that’s the name of the only track on the album, a 22-minute song that is so depraved it simply repeats on the other side as well because I’m not sure you could handle 44 minutes of unique music from Skáphe. Comprised of elements that are at times completely at odds with one another, and at others perfectly aligned and committed to destroying your soul, “VII” comes doesn’t provide you any respite – even the slow parts are heavy. The most notable element to my ears is the drums which at times feel as if they’re possessed by a spirit as they go flying off on their own pace completely separate from what the other instruments are trying to do and creating a very jarring effect that throws off your equilibrium.

You can experience Untitled HERE if you dare, all 22 minutes of its abyss-opening glory.