Nun – “The Dome” (2018)

Is it just me, or does dark, retro synthwave seem to be on the rise? It seems like you can’t throw a rock these days without hitting some black-clad musician playing a vintage synthesizer and gloomily singing, dragging their words along like a reluctant kid being pulled into church against their will. Fortunately I enjoy this mind of music immeasurably. By way of proof, please see the message I sent to a buddy of my when I first came across Nun’s most recent album, The Dome, a few weeks back.

Nun are from Australia, and it was a good four years between their debut and The Dome, their sophomore effort. Based on some brief listens to their earlier work, the material on The Dome seems a bit more polished – which is neither good nor bad, it just is. I’m particularly partial to the slowly swaying “Pick Up the Phone” and the somewhat gloomier “Fairhaven”. Long synth notes, cold beats, and female vocals layered to create a dark blanket of smothering sound, thick enough that you could wrap it around yourself on a cold and rainy night and while it might not keep you dry, it would allow you to make your way through the dreary city streets unnoticed, an embrace to protect you from what is outside yourself.

You can listen to The Dome on Nun’s Bandcamp page HERE.