((Pressures)) – “((Pressures))” (2013)

We’re starting to dig into the vinyl we brought back from New Orleans, and since we’re feeling chill we thought we’d open with some darkwave from the duo ((Pressures)), who not only hail from The Big Easy but also include one of the founders of the label/shop Disko Obscura where we bought the album. It all comes full circle.

While it came out in 2013 ((Pressures)) gives off a very retro vibe, late 1970s/early 80s style synths, über-modulated vocals, and slightly flat beats, reminiscent of Lou Champagne and Mitch Murder. “Bizarre Times” absolutely could have been the song playing at Tech Noir in the original The Terminator. It’s also perfect for chilling out on your sofa with a glass of something hard. You know, unless you want to go that club down on Pico and risk getting shot up by a cyborg from the future.

The vinyl was put out in a limited run of 500 copies, and mine is absolutely pristine – probably the cleanest record I’ve ever pulled from a sleeve. You can listen to it for free and still order while supplies last (only 8 copies left according to Bandcamp, and it’s only $10!) HERE. Look, I can’t make you go there and listen to ((Pressures)). But seriously, go do it right now, because you can’t send a Terminator back in time to do it for you later.