Digital Leather – “Pink Thunder” (2017)

The first time I wrote about Digital Leather was back in 2013 (wait – how is it even possible I’ve been doing Life in the Vinyl Lane this long??) when I spun their 2006 release Monologue. I don’t know that I’ve spun it since, but in reading that post today as I listen to Pink Thunder I’m struck with a sense of what a difference a decade or so makes, both in terms of Digital Leather’s music and my ability to appreciate it.

Pink Thunder is a blend of dark-yet-poppy synths overlaid with shoegazey vocals, offering a contrast between pop and gloom and conveying that sense of someone trying to give the outward appearance of happiness (the music, the title, and the bright pink vinyl) but who inwardly is filled with melancholy (the vocals). My favorite track is the instrumental “One To One”, perhaps because the lack of vocals leaves it generally upbeat. On the the move downtrodden side I’d recommend “Icy Gray” and “Total Doom” with its triumphant synth refrain.

You can listen to Pink Thunder and buy it on vinyl on the FDH Records Bandcamp page HERE.