Muckrackers – “Muckrackers Versus La Fensch Valley Industrial All Star – La Destruction Est Aussi Création” (2012)

If this post was a tweet, I may not have had enough characters to post the artist name and album title at the same time. Plus this 10″ allegedly has 20 tracks on it.


Frankly I have no idea what’s going on here. I found this in the Industrial section of Paris’ Souffle Continu record shop, one of Buzzfeed’s “27 Breathtaking Record Stores You Have to Shop at Before You Die,” which is a bold assertion. While it wasn’t my favorite of the shops we visited in Paris it had the broadest range of material, including books about music, and that gets a lot of points in my book. The other shops we hit up were genre-specific, which can be great or horrible, depending on how you feel about that genre in question.

Side A is all Muckrackers, while Side B has 10 different bands on it, which is a lot for a 10″. The A side is heavily industrial, and while much of the B side is as well, but given that there are different bands involved you get some variance.

Given how short the tracks are it’s all a bit disjointed, which is OK, but not great. I feel like there are some amazing song segments here, just maybe not fully realized tracks. The record comes with a DVD as well, which I have admittedly not watched yet and will likely misplace since I don’t keep my DVDs with my records. Which is pretty industrial of me, maybe, kinda. Or not.

Update – December 24, 2015: I traded some emails with Emmanuel from Muckrackers and he’s a cool dude who is very passionate about his music and the challenges the people of the Lorraine are facing as industrial jobs disappear. He also sent me the link tot he website that was created as part of their project, which includes a lot of music from this record. You can check it out HERE. Hearing from artists is one of the great things about writing Life in the Vinyl Lane – they’re all so passionate about their projects, and they just want people the hear their music. So if you’re down with industrial, go check out some Muckrackers!