Martröð – “Transmutation Of Wounds” (2016) Cassette

First of all, a black metal band with six members is in and of itself unusual. Throw in the fact that they come from four different countries (US, France, Italy, and Iceland) and you’ve got a pretty unique band.

Transmutation Of Wounds consists of two tracks and clocks in at just over 16 minutes. Originally released digitally and on vinyl in 2016, the following year it also got the cassette treatment by Iceland’s black metal label Vánagandr. The songs give me what I expect. Each opens with a slower segment to set the mood before everyone takes it up a notch and the growled lyrics start. Martröð aren’t lightning fast, nor are they gloomily atmospheric, instead finding a sweet spot somewhere in the middle, a spot with weight but that also has some occasional moments of fleeting beauty, particularly on “Draumleysa”.

Both songs are available on the Martröð Bandcamp page HERE.