Shriekback – “Knowledge, Power, Truth and Sex” (1984)

I’m not quite sure how to classify Shriekback’s 1984 release Knowledge, Power, Truth and Sex. With six songs it feels too long to be an EP, too short to be an album. I guess it doesn’t really matter, since the only important thing is the music, right?

Knowledge, Power, Truth and Sex is an interesting mix of songs. Some of it, like “Mercy Dasy,” is pretty standard pop fare. But then we get things like “Achtung” with it’s funky bass and it’s brief transition mid-song into a rap number before coming back to the funk, and that’s followed by the dreamy duet of “Hubris”. And that’s just side A. The B side is a bit more stylistically consistent with some beat-driven jams suitable for the dance floor, a touch IDM-like and solid from start to finish.