Greater Than One – “G-Force” (1989)

G-Force was the last full-length album by the electro-industrial duo known as Greater Than One (aka GTO). Husband and wife Michael Wells and Lee Newman were quite prolific, putting out six albums between 1985 and 1989, followed by a smattering of singles in early 1990s. I’ve seen their brand of IDM compared to KMFDM, though I find G-Force to be less dark than the music of Greater Than One’s German industrial dance counterparts. Tracks like “Learn With Pleasure, Knowledge Is Power” try to get a bit edgy by taking on a more classically gothic sound, but they never reach the sometimes creepy or unsettling sounds one generally associates with industrial. If anything GTO more resembles some of Gary Clail‘s early works.

On thing that’s for certain about G-Force is that it’s catchy – I could listen to “Black Magic” on a continuous loop for hours.