Cave Curse – “Future Dust” (2017)

Musicians derive motivation from a multitude of sources. Albums have been influenced by breakups, addiction, and even the simple need for a paycheck or to fulfill a contract. But they can also be ways of coping with the heaviest of losses, death. In the case of Future Dust, that loss was the unexpected passing of Bobby Hussy’s mother. “A record for the stoners, loners and droners of the godforsaken world we live in,” is how the band describes it.

An intriguing blend of darkwave and post-punk, the black and purple of the jacket image perfectly capture the mood of the music. The synths range from trippy and spacey on “Black Box” to oddly triumphant on “The Mess I Had Made” and “Drones (We’re All)”, often blending long low end notes with a 8-bit-ish high end. It’s this sonic disconnect that creates the tension that defines the record, a layer of synthy sugar sprinkled over the top of layer of low drone creating an unexpected combination of flavors.

You can sample some tracks as well as purchase Future Dust on vinyl on Bandcamp HERE.