Davíð & Hjalti – “RVK Moods” (2016)

I thought I’d missed out on Davíð & Hjalti’s new four-song house EP RVK Moods because it sold out almost immediately upon release. (♠) Fortunately for me the guys over at Lucky Records put aside a copy for me, so when my box of Icelandic vinyl gold showed up a few weeks ago RVK Moods was one of the “mystery items” that they included. It’s like they’re psychics over there or something.

While it may only include four songs, RVK Moods gives you over 26 minutes of music, awfully close to LP territory. The longer track lengths give Davíð & Hjalti an opportunity to get into some groovy spaces and jam it out. “Moods” is a classic house number, but what gets me excited is “That’s Her,” with its infusion of jazz and old-timeyness blended in with the electro beats, a more acid jazz direction that the pair really nail. That vibe carries over to the B side on “Crime Pays,” but in a somewhat tighter package that doesn’t quite capture the true jazz improv feel of “That’s Her.” We close out in a similar fashion to how we came in, with the more traditional house tune “Whatever You Want,” perfectly bookending the two jazzier numbers.

This is the first vinyl release by Reykjavik record label Lagaffe Tales. They specialize in house, and if RVK Moods is any indication of what they’ve got going on, I’m going to need to be more proactive about looking for their stuff. Give a listen to some of it below.

I’m bummed that this is the last of the new music I got from Lucky, but the good news is that Iceland Airwaves 2016 is less than a dozen weeks away, and I’ve got an empty record bag waiting to be filled.

(♠) Word on the streets is that a repress is in the works.