Culture Club – “Colour By Numbers” (1983) (Sh*t I Play On My Crosley #2)

Karma karma karma karma chameleon…

Colour By Numbers was released in 1983, right when I started getting into music and when MTV was replacing radio as the way you experienced music. But it wasn’t cool for a boy to like Culture Club, at least not in my circle, so like many of my male classmates I pretended not to like them or Duran Duran or Wham!, when secretly I’d turn up the sound on the TV when their videos came on.

This slightly warped copy came to us courtesy of the $3 bin at Easy Street Records. It seems like in many paces the “dollar bin” has become the “three dollar bin,” or at the very least the “two-for-five bin,” but that’s OK, because it means we can still sit on the back patio and listen to “Karma Chameleon” and “It’s a Miracle” while we sip cocktails on a warm summer night. And I suspect Boy George himself would be perfectly fine with that.