Chronic Sick – “Cutest Band in Hardcore EP” (1983 / 2010)

What better thing to listen to at the end of a rotten day than some early hardcore? And you know, when the band screws with you by writing 33 1/3 rpm on the record when in fact it should be played at 45 rpm, it’s like icing on your turd cake.

This was another album that caught my eye due to the jacket, a 2010 re-release of the rare 1983 original. Chronic Sick weren’t popular back in the day, which is kind of funny because songs like “Dress Code” were the pre-cursors to the pop-punk of bands like Green Day without a doubt. Are the lyrics ridiculous? Sure. But the tunes are fast and tight as hell. This might be the best punk album I’ve bought all year, like the Ramones on a two-day meth bender (you know, before it starts to get all weird and stuff). With songs like “Mucho Macho” and “Public Suicide” how can you go wrong? You’d better have thick skin if you read the lyrics though, or a dark sense of humor. (♠) This one will definitely get played again.

(♠) Check and check.