Norn – “BÖRN: Vltima Permonvm Conea” (2015)

nornlpfrontOnce upon a time, on a small island bobbing about in the northern Atlantic Ocean, there were two bands that both went by the name of Norn, the Icelandic word for “witch.” One played punk; the other, black metal. People became confused. Chaos reigned. Punk and metal fans eyed one another warily. It was a dark time.

Then the punk band known as Norn figured it was just easier to change their name. So they did, to the similar sounding (but with a very different meaning) Börn, which means “children.” The sun rose again over smokey bay and all was right with the world, and all the punks and metalloids lived happily ever after.

I’ve written a fair amount about Börn who put out a full-length album in 2014 and a 7″ earlier this year (I even wrote about the tape they released when they were still named Norn HERE). But I’d never heard the other Norn, the black metal one. Well, that changed when I found a copy of their relatively new LP BÖRN: Vltima Permonvm Conea. Originally this was released as a cassette by the Icelandic metal label Vanagandr, but this title also got the vinyl treatment, which worked out for me because somehow I never got around to buying the tape.

BÖRN: Vltima Permonvm Conea is less atmospheric and more musical than what I’m generally used to hearing in my black metal, plus they make use of some audio/vocal sampling here and there, which is also a bit different. There are elements of punk, grindcore, and even electronic music here, as well as few moments that can best be described as acoustic. If you’re a black metal purist you probably won’t be happy by all this extra stuff, but as someone with only a very general interest in extreme metal I find it all combines to make Norn very listenable and, more importantly, very enjoyable.

The entire thing is available HERE for your listening pleasure.