Beartrap – “Nailed Shut” 7″ (2011)

This 7″ has 16 songs on it.

Let that sink in for a minute.

I know there are a few similar records out there in punk land, perhaps most famously D.R.I.’s infamous Dirty Rotten EP from 1983 that crammed an insane 22 songs onto a 7″. There are two necessary ingredients to pull this off. First, the songs have to be short; second, you have to play hella fast. And Beartrap certainly does both. You can hear two songs off Nailed Shut HERE – the 22 second title track, along with a song called “Shit End of the Stick” that clocks in at a staggeringly short six seconds. Six! And yet even in that microburst of a song Beartrap manage to cram in some lyrics. Here’s the entire song:

Scars and chipped teeth
Document the years I had nowhere else to go,
The speckling glass beneath my bare feet
Never ceases to amaze me,
I had nowhere else to go.

I only know this, of course, because Nailed Shut comes with a lyric sheet.

Beartrap is raw hardcore. Period. End of discussion.

It looks like the US version of Nailed Shut was released in a handful of colors and limited to just over 500 copies. I ended up with one of the two European versions, both of which are hand numbered on the reverse and limited to 50 copies each (grey or black).