ANWIYCTI – “A New World If You Can Take It” (2014)

I always try to do my homework before Iceland Airwaves, checking out at least a few songs from any bands I’m not familiar with. It can definitely help when you’re trying to plan out your night. I remember doing this exercise before the 2017 festival and landing on the page for ANWIYCTI because I had to do a double take. Wait, there’s a band from Hong Kong playing this year? Cool! Their lineup is three bass players and a drummer? Wha…? But I was 100% intrigued. We managed to catch half of one of their sets and it was what you’d expect – loud, pounding, percussive.

I’ve had ANWIYCTI in the back of my mind for a while and decided to order their album during one of those Bandcamp “all money goes to the artist” Fridays. The album, the title of which is the full phrase that makes up the acronym, came out in 2014 in a numbered limited edition of 500 on white vinyl (which you can get HERE). And it’s not exactly what you’d expect given that three-bass-attack lineup. There’s some dark dreaminess here, a fluidity that isn’t exactly shoegaze but something more nuanced. Sure, the low end is right up front and in your face, but it’s not always pounding, the edges instead smoothed over with thick layers of long sonic waves. Definitely something different and worth checking out.