“Discpan Hands: A Philadelphia Compilation” (1987)

I found this at Amoeba Music down in Los Angeles recently, a new sealed copy marked down to $1.99. How can you now want a 1987 punk comp for two bucks? Needless to say, I wanted it. And since I had two bucks (plus tax), it was mine.

There are 12 bands on Discpan Hands, with a total of 14 songs. Supposedly it was limited to 1,000 copies, but it isn’t numbered and I can’t find any reference to that on the jacket. So maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Who knows. Who cares. What I do know, though, is that my copy has a nasty ding right at the end of Legitimate Reason’s “He Steals,” which is sucky and unfortunate.

I’ve seen Discpan Hands described as punk/hardcore. There’s definitely punk here… but I’m not feeling the hardcore part. I’d say punk/thrash, because there some metal sounding songs on here like She Males’ “Love Crawl” and the instrumental “F.Y.I.P.” by Pagan Babies, a song that just begs to have words put to it because the music is so cool. Tons of Nuns also have a great hard rocker here with “What’s It Gonna Be.” The punk stylings are more old school, though Homo Picnic’s “Two Eyes” reminds me of some Rollins era Black Flag. Das Yahoos also give us an interesting cover of the 1970 #1 hit by the Jackson 5, “I’ll Be There.”

Overall a cool punk comp – some quality stuff here. I found a few copies offered for sale online in the $10-20 range, and frankly I think it’s worth it even in that range.

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