The Niteskool Project – “Double Major” (1985)

I won’t lie. Part of the reason I bought this album is because I thought it was underpriced. It was in the new arrivals bin at Easy Street for $7, and when I looked it up online (because the cover intrigued me) I found copies selling in the $25-75 range. So why not, right? Which is of course stupid, since it’s not like I’m buying stuff to flip for a profit. But old collecting habits, unfortunately, die hard.


As near as I can tell this is a private label, student release, though one with “Special thanks to the Miller Brewing Company for their support” and the Miller logo on the reverse. I think it’s tied in some way to Northwestern University given the credits, though I can’t figure out exactly how. My best description of this would be “contemporary soul,” if your contemporary period happened to be 1985 and you wanted songs with an “IBM PC Keyboard,” lots of synths, a bell tree, and a samba whistle.

It’s actually kind of cool in a very dated mid 1980s kind of way, though the track “Heroes Up Against the Wall” is almost more prog rockish than soul. But just barely. At six songs it’s just about the right length – anything more and I’d probably start to get annoyed. But if you have fond memories of 1980s movies, Double Major certainly could have soundtracked one and will be just enough for a little trip down memory lane.

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