Miles Davis – “Facets” (1967 / 1977)

I’ve been on a bit of a Miles Davis kick recently having picked up a handful of his records over the last six months, so I always make sure to check out his (usually large) section at any store I happen to drop by. I came across this 1977 version of Facets the other day at Everyday Music in Seattle, and though the cover was a bit worn I decided to take a chance since the material was early (all songs from 1955 to 1962) and some of it was live. It turned out to be a good call on my part.


Look, you don’t need me to tell you how amazing Miles Davis was. Go buy a copy of Kind of Blue (you can thank me later) and blow your mind completely. The material on Facets certainly doesn’t compare to his epic works, but side B is absolutely exquisite with its two longer compositions, far superior to side A. The more I explore his albums, the more impressed I become. I may never become a “jazz guy”… but I’m quickly becoming a Miles Davis guy.

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