In the Company of Serpents – “Lux” (2020)

Lux is the fourth full-length album by Denver’s doom metal In the Company of Serpents. Weighty and forlorn, it’s a sonic Sisyphusian struggle, its crushing mass threatening to crush you if you lose focus for even a second. And when you do finally make your way to the top, there are moments of speed when the music careens back downhill as it does during the closing minute of “The Fool’s Journey”. But have no fear, it’s not all oppressive weight. At times the forlornness takes on a more simmering quality, the slower and quieter “The Chasm at the Mouth of It All” maintaining an even keel until the anger and frustration begins to build near then end before finally breaking on the wave of acceptance and, dare I say, resignation to fate.

Like all of the ITCOS catalog, Lux is self-released. It’s available for download as well as on CD and vinyl on their Bandcamp page HERE, along with their other releases and some merch. Fortunately for me a friend pre-ordered the deluxe edition vinyl for me which included a signed and numbered block print by member Grant Netzorg plus a patch and even a medallion.

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