PLOT – “Caught Dead” Cassette (2019)

“Yes, that’s what my day needed, right there,” Mrs. Life in the Vinyl Lane said when the opening riff to “You Can Go Now” burst out of the speakers.

I’m writing this on a Monday. We’re off work for the entire week. And let’s be clear – given the current state of the virus-pocalypse we’re both just grateful to have jobs, and jobs that allow us to work from home to boot. But… we’re supposed to be in Milan, Italy right now on vacation. And instead we spent the start of week six of lockdown, and the first vacation day we’ve taken in six months, at home, doing exciting things like pressure washing, scraping windows, and prepping things for paint. Again – all things considered, we’re super thankful. But like many folks we’re worn a bit ragged, and PLOT’s brand of punk/metal crossover hit the spot this evening as we hunkered down for the night and began our attempt to not drink too much hard liquor.

Caught Dead has an edge to it. The high end on “Hand Wire” tears into your brain like a red-hot wire, slicing out impossibly think layer after impossibly thin layer, cauterizing your higher functions and bringing you down to your basest instincts and desires, and the instrumental “2197” is a bit intense, kind of what I imagine the Mayan apocalypse would have sounded like had it happened. And the relentless pounding of the 6+ minute ‘Shed” will rock your damn face off.

Give Caught Dead a listen on Bandcamp HERE, and pick up a copy on limited edition (of 100) cassette while you’re at it for just seven bucks.

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