Ægir – “Crooked Bangs” (2020)

A friend sent me a physical copy of Ægir’s January 2020 release Crooked Bangs. These CDrs were produced in limited quantities, the packaging handmade and the art and track listings handwritten. They’re individually numbered and mine is either #26 or #36… it’s hard to tell. I don’t see the CDs mentioned on Bandcamp so I can’t be sure how many were made, but my best guess is around 50. It was released on the Why Not? Plötuútgáfa! label, one that has an interesting collection of artists such as World Narcosis, GRIT TEETH, Godchilla, BSÍ, Brött Brekka, Dead Herring, and Laura Secord, most of who I’ve written about before. Ægir also runs the label, and I always keep my eyes peeled for anything he releases on it.

Crooked Bangs opens with what sounds like the artist getting ready to perform – not so much warming up as getting settled in for the set. What follows is a journey through subtle electronics and analog percussion, soundscapes that give the impression of being loosely outlined and then executed live in an in-the-moment spirit. Is it possible to describe Ægir’s approach? I don’t know for sure. At times quiet, at others frenetic, you can feel his flow in the drumming, almost visualize him in your mind behind the kit and lost in the moment. To my ears the most intriguing track is “Maybe A Bit Insecure”, probably because it utilizes sonics that sound like some kind of voice samples, though they’re barely recognizable as such.

You can listen to Crooked Bangs and purchase it digitally on Bandcamp HERE.

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