Óværa – “Perdido En Islandia” (2019)

I don’t know much about Óværa, though the five-piece has been around since 2014 and the guys are veterans of hard and fast music. Their Bandcamp page lists among their styles “Death Metal” and “Hardcore”. Their Facebook pages lists their “Products” as simply “Intensity”. This is definitely the kind of thing I want to listen to.

The five-song Perdido En Islandia came out last year and it’s the perfect music to accompany our languishing plague-ridden days. Sharp guitars, driving rhythm, and dueling vocals alternating between a guttural growl and a demonically-possessed screech combine to alternately rend your flesh and pound you into pulp. This is music meant to be played LOUD so that you can feel it in your chest, where it will take root and then consume you from within.

You can check out Óværa’s music and videos on their website HERE, as well as order their music, including Perdido En Islandia on vinyl, from Bandcamp HERE.

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