[cassette] – “This HZ” (2016)

[cassette] is Árni Geir Lárusson, and This HZ is his debut solo album, an album that languished for almost a decade before being released on a physical format, in this case a limited edition (of 100) cassette. The compositions are delicate, sonic origami in danger of being crushed out of existence by even the slightest bit of pressure in the wrong place. It’s not ambient, instead fragile, stripped down… I don’t know what, precisely. There’s a pop sensibility to This HZ that’s hard to put my finger on. The flow of nature can be felt in the sound, yet the electronics are stripped down to the core to create something less nature itself, but more at home in nature, as if synthesizers were dangled from trees by their cords and the wind played them as if they were chimes. There’s a soundtrack quality to it that conjures up images of anime characters interacting in real-world nature.

You can listen to This HZ on Bandcamp HERE, and also pick up a copy on cassette for only seven bucks.

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